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Author:admin  Add Time2009-4-13  News CategoryNews Industry  

Welcome to the Honey Pomelo net, GuanXi Honey Pomelo is a kind of Pummelo which are produced in Pinghe county, Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, the southeast of China. Pinghe county is famous for its delicious GuanXi honey pomelo, which has been planted for more than 500 years and was used to be a tribute for royal.

The Pomelo is seedless, mild, succulent and always with a rich fragrance of honey. Juice of the pomelo is sweet and sometimes with a little sour, its particular pleasant taste usually makes you want to have another piece.

The skinned segments of GuanXi Honey pomelo can be broken apart and used in salads and desserts or made into preserves. The extracted juice is an excellent beverage. The peel can be candied.One-fourth of a GuanXi Honey Pomelo (200 grams) has 60 calories and provides 130% of the Vitamin C recommended for the day. It is sodium, fat and cholesterol free and is a source of potassium.

Besides to be a tasty fruit, Guanxi Honey Pomelo also functions a lot in the nutrition field. It contains several kinds of vitamins, sugar and more than ten sorts of other mineral components as magnesium, calcium, copper, aluminum, titanium and etc, especially richer in magnesium, calcium and copper than other fruit. As researched, the Guanxi Honey Pomelo can adjust human body?r metabolism, reduce blood pressure, clear throat, relieve a cough and contribute to a better appetite. It can also help those who take in too much alcoholic.

We have lots of experience in purchase and distribution, it's our pleasure to provide you the room and board, purchase on your behalf and transportation. The main crop matures of GuanXi Honey Pomelo are between August and December, welcome to visit in this time!

The particular fruit can be stored for 3 months naturally, so it is fit for export. Interested parties, please contact us immediately.

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