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Author:admin  Add Time2009-4-15  News CategoryNews Industry  

Graft is preferred of the pomelo planting. It according to this wag that breeding infant seedling to graft in sour grapefruit tree. Planting season has three times, winter, spring, and autumn.
Winter’s planting in “Great cold” to “Spring begins”, plant seedling before spring treetop germinate, here, seedling’s moisture has a little, low air temperature, be propitious to long distance transport. After planting, cover straw to keep temperature and humidity, it will grow new spring treetop when it survived. If temperature low 2?, there couldn’t plant in that season.
Spring’s planting in “Clear and bright” to “Grain rain”, spring treetop turn green, here, temperature back quick and steady, more rainfall, after planting, root grows quickly and survive high. But easy to miller insect pest, need intensify prevention.
Autumn’s planting in “Autumn begins” to “Cold dews”, summer treetop turn green, in the season, a little of rainfall, high temperature, ample sunlight, meanwhile there need sufficient wellhead and convenient meanwhile. After planting, cover straw and often water to help grown and survived.

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