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Author:admin  Add Time2009-4-15  News CategoryNews Industry  

Pinghe County is centuries-old history and beautiful view place. Guanxi Honey pomelo has been planted over 500 years planting history in there. The pomelo had been called Pinghepao in Ming and Qing Dynasty for big heavy fruitage to drop. And it produced at Xipu zone nearby Guanxi River, fruitage like ball, sweet like honey, then, it been changed Guanxi Honey pomelo. It all intuitively reflected the natural disposition of Guanxi Honey pomelo.
The pomelo is conventional rare renowned fruit of Pinghe. In Jiajing Time of Ming Dynasty, the fruit had recordation which Zhangfengbao given gravestone stamp his friend Mr. Xipu. In Qianlong Period of Qing, the pomelo had been ranked Royal tribute. Tongzhi Emperor vouchsafed “Xipu xinji” print and green dragon flag to as brand and ban. Fruit grower marked green fruit by the print. The pomelo was called “Emperor Pomelo” in folk. The fruit grower usually received hundreds taels income. In 1857, the Xianfeng 7th year of Qing, Shihongbao called the pomelo was one of three well-known fruits of Fujian in his <Min miscellanea>. It said, “Min fruit except lychee, Fu orange, and honey pomelo; lychee is eye-catcher, Fu orange is gentleman, but pomelo is knight-errant for aroma”. Thus it can be seen, the pomelo had taken high reputation in Qing Dynasty.

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