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Other Uses
Author:admin  Add Time2009-4-20  News CategoryNews Industry  

Factory waste: The waste from pomelo packing plants has long been converted into molasses for cattle.

Pericarp: the pomelo pericarp is a good material for delicatessen and medicament. Such as, confection, pomelo ointment, medicament after insolation. Pomelo pericarp can used sterilizing agent for it has sterilization efficacy, and it can dispel peculiar smell.

Wood: Old pomelo trees can be salvaged for their wood. The sapwood is pale-yellow or nearly white, the heartwood yellow to brownish, hard, fine-grained, and useful for domestic purposes. Mainly, pruned branches and felled trees are cut up for firewood. The wood is heavy, hard, tough, fine-grained and suitable for making tool handles.

Medicinal Uses: In the Philippines and Southeast Asia, decoctions of the leaves, flowers, and rind are given for their sedative effect in cases of epilepsy, chorea and convulsive coughing. The hot leaf decoction is applied on swellings and ulcers. The fruit juice is taken as a febrifuge. The sarcocarps are employed against coughs, dyspepsia and lumbago. Gum that exudes from declining trees is collected and taken as a cough remedy in Brazil. An essence prepared from the flowers is taken to overcome insomnia, also as a stomachic, and cardiac tonic. The pulp is considered an effective aid in the treatment of urinary disorders. Leaf extractions have shown antibiotic activity.

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